The invoice was unusual than the estimate

I own a grass care as well as landscaping company as well as every one of us handle much of the residential area in this end of town.

Both of us can handle a number of projects in a variety of sizes.

Both of us have 4 grass care as well as landscaping crews that can split lawns, trim the hedges, as well as weed the gardens. Both of us also have a commercial division that services all of our bigger money clients. Occasionally these clients have special requests as well as every one of us need to hire on a subcontractor to help with the task. Both of us have a contract with a sizable current home building on Green Street. Both of us maintenance all of their landscaping as well as grass care needs. The owner of the very current home building wanted to build a current playground on the property. I hired on a subcontractor to complete the construction on the playground. Both of us agreed to the price quote on the estimate. Both of us even negotiated the price on the estimate. Unfortunately, when I received the final invoice from the construction dealer, it was nearly $600 higher than the original estimate. I called the subcontractor to talk out the construction task as well as I had to leave multiple messages. When I finally got the business owner on the phone, she tried to convince myself and others that the task required more girl seconds than our original estimate. I told the owner of the corporation that I wasn’t going to pay a single dollar more than the price that every one of us negotiated or I would never use that subcontractor for another project. There are plenty of general contractors in this village as well as it wouldn’t be hard to locate someone else that wants to make money.
Ada compliant construction