The Irresponsible building owner

I’m definitely furious with my proprietor! I live in the deep south in addition to in the middle of summer, my air conditioner dies.

It died on a Tuesday afternoon in addition to I called my proprietor instantly; She still didn’t come over until after breakfast time, but by then, the lake house was scorching, this lake house has a self contained Heating in addition to A/C device in addition to I heard my proprietor outside beating in addition to banging on it; After about an hour, she tried to get her personal Heating in addition to A/C worker to come out in addition to look at it, but, the man couldn’t be out before Monday, and my proprietor provided me a couple of window air conditioners in addition to I accepted.

By this time, I was getting pretty mad… Why couldn’t my proprietor call another Heating in addition to A/C worker who will come out on weekends? Because she was too cheap to pay the overtime, I’m sure. I ended up hating those window air conditioners. They were so loud! I couldn’t sleep. I called my proprietor, knowing that she had several properties, I thought that she might have a couple of quieter air conditioners even though she dodged my calls all weekend. She did a enjoyable task of avoiding me! On Monday, the Heating in addition to A/C worker came. A area needed to be ordered to get me up in addition to running. She stood outside my door in addition to called my lake house cellphone in addition to left a message giving me the poor news, knowing that I wasn’t home, because she didn’t want to face me.. She still wouldn’t return my calls. I thought about renting a motel room in addition to taking the price out of the rent. The window air conditioners were still keeping me from sleeping in addition to I was tired, however somehow my proprietor managed to get my air conditioner fixed without running into me, but rent is due tomorrow. I can’t wait to see him.

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