The Irresponsible Tenant

I’m entirely furious with my landlord, i live in the deep south and in the middle of summer, my cooling system dies.

It died on a Friday day and I called my landlord immediately, he still didn’t come over until after supper time, and by then, the apartment was scorching, but this apartment has a self contained HVAC device and I heard my landlord outside beating and banging on it, then after about an minute, he tried to get his personal HVAC corporation to come out and look at it, but, the guy couldn’t be out before Wednesday! My landlord provided myself and others a couple of window air conditioners and I accepted.

By this time, I was getting pretty mad, however why couldn’t my landlord call another HVAC corporation who will come out on weekends? Because he was too cheap to pay the overtime, I’m sure. I ended up hating those window air conditioners. They were so loud! I couldn’t sleep. I called my landlord; Knowing that he had multiple properties, I thought that he might have a couple of quieter air conditioners although he dodged my calls all weekend. He did a great task of avoiding me! On Wednesday, the HVAC corporation came. A area needed to be ordered to get myself and others up and running. He stood outside my door and called my apartment iphone and left a message giving myself and others the terrible news, knowing that I wasn’t home, because he didn’t want to face me.. He still wouldn’t return my calls. I thought about renting a motel room and taking the price out of the rent. The window air conditioners were still keeping myself and others from sleeping and I was sleepy, but somehow my landlord managed to get my cooling system fixed without running into me, but rent is due tomorrow. I can’t wait to see him.



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