The kids broke the air conditioner at 5pm on Friday afternoon

My kids have great hearts as well as intentions, however sometimes they make immense mistakes separate from realizing at first the risks they were taking.

A lot of children play outdoor games in the living room as well as manage to cut prized collectables as well as decorations, however this is amateur hour for my children.

I have had to service everything from broken windows, holes in walls, flooded bathrooms, as well as immense stains on carpets just to name a few. Most of the time they’re just being careless as well as not making sure they’re careful inside the house. I don’t honestly suppose their behavior is ever malicious or intentional, however they still get minimal discipline so they understand that they can do it again in the future. Recently my kids have been messing with the Heating as well as Air Conditioning temperature control despite myself and others telling them it is off limits. It’s Summer as well as I understand that they might be tepid if it’s 74 degrees in the house, however they’re not the a singles paying the electric bill or the heating as well as cooling plan service contract. And if they drop the temperature down farther than 5 or numerous degrees, it will force the unit to run non-stop for an hour or more than one just to reach the current temperature. This is what happened Last weekon Friday afternoon right after my Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier closed for the weekend. They were fiddling with the temperature control so much that the a/c froze over. I tried waiting as well as letting it thaw, although I still couldn’t get cold air out of the vents. I had to pay for an emergency after-hours service to service the broken a/c because my kids weren’t following my rules.

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