The kids found an old air conditioner in the pond

It turned out to be an old AC unit

My kids have a lot of fun outdoors. I encourage them to go outside to play and have fun. I try very hard not to stifle their creativity. If they want to build a fort in the backyard, I Supply them with all of the materials they need. If the kids want to create a rock band, I help them create musical instruments out of the things around the house. One thing the kids really enjoy is going down to the creek by the house. I’ve been letting the kids go to the creek by themselves since they were in elementary school. I can see the creek from the house and I can usually see the kids if they are close to the shore. The kids disappeared from my view a couple of days ago. I could hear them down by the creek, so I wasn’t very concerned. I saw Jack come up to the shed and he went down to the creek with a wheelbarrow. A few minutes later my daughter came to the house and she asked if we had any rope. I wanted more information, but I didn’t ask any questions. I told my daughter there was some rope in the basement behind the washing machine. About 30 minutes later I saw the kids coming up the side of the hill and they were dragging something in the wheelbarrow. It turned out to be an old AC unit. The kids saw the AC unit sitting in the creek. They knew it probably wouldn’t work, but they were so excited about their treasure find that they wanted my husband and I two see it. They had to work very hard to pull that AC machine out of the mud and drag it back to the house.

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