The lady at the legitimate signed me up for a free AC

I went to the legitimate with a couple of our friends.

  • We got a hand stamp so every one of us could ride all of the rides that day.

I ate some fried Oreos, funnel cakes, and a big Cheesesteak with extra cheese and bell peppers. While our friends and I were resting down to eat lunch, a lady came by the table to sign us up for a free giveaway. The lady worked for a heating and A/C service business. The heating and A/C service supplier was current to the region. They were advertising by giving out a brand current A/C unit to one blessed lady. I particularly did not expect to win, but I got a free ticket for a dollar off a funnel cake when I signed up for the giveaway. My friends signed up as well. A month ago, I acquired a telephone call from the same lady that was helping with the sign ups. She called to tell me that I won the free A/C unit. I was unquestionably surprised and a little overwhelmed. I was living in an house with our friends and I did not have somewhere to put the brand current A/C unit. Thankfully, the lady told me that I could sell it if I did not want it. I put the brand current A/C unit on Craigslist and it fetched $250. My friends and I used that money to go out on the neighborhood and have a good night. We bought drinks for everyone in the group and ate steaks prefer every one of us were Kings. The legitimate was a good experience this past year.

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