The lady next to me was super hot and big

I really don’t prefer to travel on an airplane, but sometimes it is necessary.

My girlfriend wanted me to meet her parents, so I agreed to fly home with her one year during spring break. It was my first time on an airplane and things did not go according to plan. My girlfriend thought we would get seated next to each other, but our connecting flight was a very short duration and the airplane was small. There was one row of seats on one side of the plane and 2 rows on the other. My girlfriend was sitting on one side by herself and I was sitting on the other side next to a very large lady that was sweating immensely. Her body was giving off a ton of heat and it felt like I was sitting next to a space heater. I adjusted the ventilation fan so it was pointing in my direction, but it didn’t help as much as an air conditioner would have. The lady moved around in her seat the entire time we were in the air. Thank goodness the flight was only an hour, because I was ready to scream by the time the flight landed. I know these types of situations can be avoided simply by paying for the seat choice, but I hate spending an extra $40. The ventilation fan didn’t help me breathe better and it didn’t help with the odor coming from the other passenger. When we got off the plane, I headed right for the bathroom so I could clean up and take a shower.
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