The last eating establishment I took a date to was way too overheated for me

I have been on the dating scene lately, and it has been okay I guess. The last date wasn’t too great though. I took my date to this eating establishment that had pretty wonderful ratings, but it was a place I never went to before. I tell you though, in the future I’m going to make sure I have been to the place ahead of time before I choose to experience the place for the first time with another date. I thought everything was fantastic at first, the menu looked wonderful and the drinks were refreshing. Well, halfway through our meal, I realized the place was honestly overheated. I asked the waiter if the temperature control settings could be adjusted, although he said that was against their policy. Here I was perspiring profusely with my date, and I could tell he was particularly uncomfortable as well. She absolutely was turned off by all the sweat pouring down my face and I’m sure I was starting to smell kind of funky as well. The food was just okay, but I thought it was expensive. The drinks were luxurious too but that was the only thing that was keeping myself and others somewhat cool. I absolutely will not be going to that place again. I don’t think what’s up with their temperature control settings, but they really need to do something about that. Something I noticed though was that more elderly people would frequent this place. I know they prefer the gas furnace to be cranked up, which kind of makes sense, even my own Grandmother loves to have the gas furnace cranked up.

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