The living room gets no AC

My brothers bought a fixer upper home and they plan to flip it.

Everyone in the family has been going over to the house to help update it.

The room I have been focusing on is the living room. The living room had a popcorn ceiling and wood walls. It looked really ugly. The first thing I did was scrape the entire ceiling. I then sanded the wood walls, put a sealant on them and painted on top. The next thing I am working on is painting the ceiling. I think it is going to take two coats and I need to be careful around the wood beams and not get paint on them. The ceilings are really tall and peaked. I have to be strategic where I put my ladder. Of course I am doing the painting in the summer too. The outside temperatures are in the 90s and heat rises. My brothers swear they had the cooling unit on and running. I can’t hardly feel anything when I am on the top rung of the ladder stretching to paint. I have sweat run down my face, legs and tummy. I have to be really careful with hydration or I might pass out. What is not good is that this is an air vent way up high. The air vent technically should allow AC to hit me directly in the face. Either there is something wrong with the ductwork or the AC, but I don’t feel a thing. The living room is always toasty hot. Eventually my brothers need to fix this or have the house shown in the winter.

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