The maintenance guy doesn’t know how to fix HVAC units

The maintenance guy in our apartment complex has no idea how to fix HVAC units, and it is pretty frustrating.

I heard good reviews about this apartment complex when I first moved in.

It isn’t the nicest apartment complex in the area, but it is one of the nicer ones. I wasn’t from the area, so I was relying mostly on online reviews when I was reading this information, but it didn’t bother me. It was the only apartment that I could afford and that was available, so I moved in. I was really hoping that they would be good at making sure that everything was working properly. I got to test it out in just a few weeks when the furnace stopped working. I wasn’t surprised that the furnace stopped working because the landlord told me that it was pretty old, but apparently, the HVAC company doesn’t think that it needs to be replaced yet. When I contacted the landlord, the landlord told me that the repair guy would be at my house to fix the furnace that day. I was shocked at how quickly the guy arrived to fix the furnace, and I was impressed. Afterward, I learned that I shouldn’t have been impressed with him that quickly. Even though the maintenance man was punctual, he definitely wasn’t good at fixing HVAC units. After he left the first day, confident that he had repaired my furnace, it only took five minutes for the furnace to stop working again. He ended up coming to our house three times before he finally managed to fix the furnace. He might be good at other things, but he is not good at fixing HVAC units.
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