The moldy air vents were the reason for odors and rotten smells

Imagine a rotten odor that fills your home every single afternoon but you have no method about its source.

The people I was with in addition to myself left our home for multiple nights so we could spend some time at an up-to-date location.

The people I was with in addition to myself didn’t even want to go back to our home, but we had to work. Before resuming work and going back to the house, I decided to get some groceries. After walking through the front door of the house, I had a horrible rotten odor that smells like eggs. I was trying to find the source and it really made me want to gag. The Oder appeared to come from the indoor air Handler. The indoor air handler blue some odor into my home and the air conditioner was on. I felt it was important to contact the heating, ventilation in addition to AC supplier. Thankfully someone answered the phone that was patient. I explained some of the odors and she tried to advise me that it was better to switch the heating, ventilation in addition to AC unit off completely. She suggested it was best to wait for an AC professional to arrive. When the person walked in, she was almost immediately able to determine that problem. The mildew released an exhausting odor and then it came from the vent plus air handler. Due to the amount of moisture in the air, there were some smells and mildew that needed to be cleaned. After that, there was no more rotten smell.

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