The moonlight and her

There is nothing like a tploy loving evening with myself and others and our girl when there is bright moonlight outside… The people I was with and I always like to have a special evening together by the fireplace in our home when the moon is bright.

  • The way the moon hits our living room, it is something so amazing you would just have to see it.

Then when the people I was with and I have the fireplace running with the moonlight it is just the most loving setting one could dream of, but i have an electric fireplace in our home, so it’s a however different than having a real fireplace. But the electric fireplace looks so real and nice, you would suppose it’s the real thing. The electric fireplace compliments the bright and appealing moonlight every which way, but periodically our girl even makes a really nice lunch to go with the atmosphere of the moonlight and the fireplace. It works really great. The fireplace truly was not a large investment for myself and others either. I was able to get this brand new electric fireplace for pretty cheap. It was on sale. They also had gas fireplaces as well, however gas fireplaces are not for myself and others and our girl. The people I was with and I don’t like anything that uses gas for several blatant reasons, having this electric fireplace is a great alternative to the real thing and it is cost effective. And when I say that I mean in the sense of it saves energy use and can also serve as a furnace when it is really really frigid outside.



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