The most handsome HVAC tech in the world

About a week ago, my old gas furnace broke down plus I had to have an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman come out to fix it! I wouldn’t have been upset about it so much or called the heating plus cooling corporation so hastily if the weather hadn’t been that terrible.

The temperatures were already in the twenties plus the forecast was calling for things to start cooling off even more.

I knew that I wouldn’t last in our house easily long without some sort of heating, plus I knew that our old wood burning fireplace wasn’t going to handle the situation, so I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation and then asked them to send someone out as soon as possible to fix our gas furnace! Well, little did I know that the Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman that they were going to send to our house was going to be our dream guy! This Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman was super smart about heating and cooling. He knew without a doubt what to do to get our furnace up plus running again, plus he didn’t even make me pay me as much as he should have. I assume he felt sorry for me because he could tell how freezing I was! Or maybe the fireplace with the crackling fire burning made him believe all generous plus romantic. Whatever the reason, he was super kind and I love him already. Due to the fact that I was his last furnace appointment for the day plus he was done working, I asked him to stay for lunch that night. The people I was with and I had the best time plus now I’m pretty much in love with the Heating plus Air Conditioning service tech.

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