The movie theater is still my favorite place on a Saturday afternoon

Back in the day when air conditioning was not commonly found in every single building around you, one of the first places to get air conditioning was the Town Movie Theater.

Because the Town movie theaters had air conditioning, they would advertise that to the townspeople by putting up big signs that said something like we have air conditioning. People, when they were sick of the heat, would make their way into the movie theater just to enjoy the AC. It almost didn’t matter what was on the screen. In fact, most of the people would go on a Saturday for a matinee showing oh, and in the evening the air conditioning at the movie theater was a big draw for couples on a date. That is how the movie theater got to be such a popular place to take a date. That is also how we have come to have the traditional summer blockbuster series of movies. Everyone knew that summer was the time to go to the movies because the movie theater was the place with the Amazing air conditioning system. In fact, back then and still today, movie theaters typically set their thermostat At least 5 degrees lower than most people set their thermostats at home. If the air conditioning wasn’t working at my movie theater, you better believe I would not be going. Part of the fun of seeing a movie on the big screen is all wrapped up in the environment that you’re in. Having popcorn or candy, sitting in a theater with lots of other people, and having the movie on the big screen instead of a tiny TV at home, are all amazing. The next thing that we absolutely have to have when we go to the movies is great HVAC.

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