The neighborhood is not as superb as I expected, however it’s not awful either

I was pretty happy about going to study in the city, then my parents warned myself and others that I wasn’t going to appreciate the air quality & the culture was really different.

I didn’t assume it would be that bad, however they even warned myself and others about people trying to rob myself and others so as to never carry anything costly with me.

I listened to what they told me. I didn’t really care for walking the neighborhood streets to be honest. My parents were right, the air quality wasn’t truly nice at all. Fortunately, they told myself and others that I could come back cabin at any time or ask them for anything I needed. I was tempted to leave the neighborhood & get back to the nice country air quality, but I decided to stick to our studies. I ended up getting a couple of UV media air cleaners & they have helped to keep the perfect air quality in our apartment. While our parents were really hesitant to come out to visit, I convinced them that I was able to get the perfect air quality in our cabin & they wouldn’t have to go anywhere else because the two of us could have our food delivered. They really had a nice visit & our mother was so ecstatic because she didn’t get mugged. I laughed when she said that, however she was being dead dire because she swore that would happen, but not to say that it couldn’t happen in this neighborhood where I am at for university, however it has never happened to myself and others thus far. As long as I can stay in our cabin with nice air quality & perfect temperature control settings, I am just fine.


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