The new car was perfect until it wasn’t.

I obtained a new car last week.

Well, it was new to me, however it was absolutely ten years old.

I wasn’t too regular with buying cars, and I didn’t guess who to ask to go with me. My Mom lived a thoUnited Statesnd miles away and I was on our own. The car was nice, by our standards and I paid what I thought was a entirely great price for it. I couldn’t believe it when I drove it to university the next day and there wasn’t any a/c. I called the car company that sold me the car. I asked about the a/c, He told me to bring the car back the next day and he would repair the a/c for me. When he was done, he handed me a bill for over $200. I just looked at the bill and laughed. I entirely thought he was joking. I had only taken the car home many days earlier. He informed the car was as is and he was not responsible for our not asking if there was any a/c. I assumed the a/c was area of the car. I had never been in a car that didn’t have a/c. He agreed that the a/c was area of the car. He didn’t agree that it had to be laboring. I l received a overpriced lesson about buying a used car that week. If you wanted a/c that worked, you had to check to make sure it was laboring. You never paid for a car that ‘as is’ unless you had it checked.

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