The new HVAC business in town

Before the new heat and AC business came into our town, everything was very stable including our current attract businesses prices. However, that all went out the window and the new HVAC company arrived in our area. The new heating and AC business was very competitive and they obviously wanted to be the one that everybody went to. Almost as soon as they arrived they started making their prices better than those of the original HVAC company and even we’re putting out advertisements against them. They would go on and on with reasons as to why they were better and why you should get your heating and cooling services from them versus the original heating and AC business. It was working too, as many people started leaving our original heating and AC company to go to a new business with much better prices and equally good service. This didn’t last too long because eventually our original HVAC company lowered their prices as well and then the two businesses got worried with each other and we’re constantly competing over their prices. This was great for the customers but bad for the businesses because they were losing a lot of money. Eventually they had to call a truce otherwise they were both at risk of losing their business. So what I decided to do was go and have the same prices for the same services and products. Not everybody went over to the New Heating and cooling business however, some people were loyal customers of the first one and would only continue going there. Whatever he and AC business he decided to go to didn’t really matter, both had a large variety of HVAC products to choose from and excellent customer service. I’ll probably go to both.


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