The newer HVAC technology is amazing

To say that I’m completely into technology would be a ridiculous overstatement.

I use technology however to actually insist that I’m fluent, proficient or up on the latest trends would be off for sure.

With technology, I actually feel that I’m perpetually late to the party. And I tend to learn what I am required to learn to do what I need to do plus that’s it. When I’m inside the zone controlled Heating and A/C of the office, I occasionally have to contact my son to assist me with figuring out some new technology upgrade at work. So Heating and A/C equipment technology was not front of mind when the Heating and A/C equipment supplier told us it was time to upgrade the Heating and A/C unit. My wifey plus I knew that this was coming since the Heating and A/C equipment was close to 25 years old. We didn’t get to actually choose that Heating and A/C device as we inherited it with the new property when we purchased it. The heating plus cooling equipment was only a couple of years old plus it was superb stuff. That Heating and A/C equipment got all sorts of Heating and A/C repair over the upcoming years. That’s why it went for a good period of time I think. When we met with the Heating and A/C equipment pro, I was pretty amazed by what I was observing. There was so much Heating and A/C technology evolution over the last couple of decades that I had to ask a fair amount of questions. But I learned about higher SEER ratings plus smart thermostats. These were official on pretty much all the residential Heating and A/C equipment these days. It’s a good thing I have children who can show me just how to put the smart thermostat app on my PC.
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