The odor was totally horrible and disgusting

Imagine there is a rotten and terrible odor that makes your house smell every single day.

  • It’s even worse if you don’t know where the odor is coming from.

I left the lake house for multiple days so I can hang out with my boyfriend at his current apartment. We had a lovely time and everyone of us were sad when Sunday ended our weekend. I had to work and went home first before going to the job. I was planning to take a shower and relax for a few minutes before I went to work, but there was a major issue with the AC. There was a distinct and foul odor coming from the air handler. The air handler had significantly disgusting odors all over the house, especially when the air conditioner was running. I got right on the PC and look for the number of a heating and air conditioning system professional. A patient and the kind of person answered the phone and explained what type of issues could be occurring. The heating and air conditioning expert investigated to find mold inside of the ductwork. The entire ducting system was filled with pride and the expert was forced to provide a cleaning and sanitizing chore to make everything much better. The ducting work had to be sealed so no more moisture could accumulate and the mildew plus mold inside of the ductwork had to be scrubbed clean with a bleach solution. I took some work but we got it all figured out right away.

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