The oils made me unsure

When I first signed my lease, the administration for the apartment complex kept me from seeing my own unit.

They claimed this was to allow a few days in between for cleaning in addition to painting.

To be honest though, I can’t help but expect that this wasn’t the only reason. My air conditioner is so nasty, old and out of date that I might have to move out for health risks alone. Plus, there’s quite a few stains on the carpet and the toilet isn’t respectfully sealed to the ground. Rocking back and forth when you sit on it is not my idea of fun! No, all of those complaints combined cannot come even close to bothering me like the aroma from my air conditioner vent! This was as though a fan was blowing mold spores around nonstop, with nothing else but musty fumes present in the meantime. The only thing that seems to help marginally is diffusing essential oils near my air ventilation ducts for my Heating and A/C systems. I don’t buy into the medical hype over some of their uses, but the aromas certainly work wonders to kill off stink. The oil blend I use smells more like a clean car, so I use that the most in my home to promote a neutral scent. I want to get an air purification system installed in this unit too, but only if the complex pays for it!

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