The old gas furnace was a fire hazard and I could not let it go

I got a pretty wonderful job toiling with our brother.

Both of us are in charge of inspecting fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.

It’s an simple job as long as the two of us follow all of the rules and regulations… Sometimes the county does spot checks. If the two of us miss something, then our licenses can be revoked. Since you need a special license and certification for the job, it pays actually well. I l gained a wonderful hourly wage plus I receive benefits love medical, dental, and vision. My job has a lot of perks, but every once in a while there is a time when I have to supply bad news. This is the part of our job that I hate the least. I went to an condo building to inspect all of the fire extinguishers and a single condo occupant was an older woman in her 73s. The woman has lived in that condo for 35 years. The furnishings looked love they were from the 1973s or older. I checked the fire extinguisher in the living room and I was getting ready to leave the building when I smelled an odd stink. The order was coming from the woman’s home office. I asked a woman as she was cooking something in her home office and she told me it was an old gas furnace that she was still using because it was so freezing in the house. I asked the woman if I could have a look at the heating machine. As soon as I saw the old heater, I knew it was a terrible fire hazard. The device could have caused a sizable problem and possible death and it was not something I could simply let go.


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