The Old Gas Heater Is Giving Me Problems

I have had the same gas heater/furnace in my house for a very long time. I have an old house. As a matter of fact, I have lived in this house for the last thirty five years, and I honestly do not plan on ever leaving it anytime soon! I really love everything about this house, but that old gas heater/furnace has been giving me issues. And I am thinking it is coming time to replace that gas heater with a more modern form of heating for my home. I had thought about just switching over to central heating and air conditioning like everyone else. The air conditioning I have for the Summer is a few ductless mini split air conditioning systems. The house actually already has ductwork in it, so if I do decide to go with central heating and air conditioning to replace this gas heater/furnace, it would not be as pricey as it could have been for someone that had absolutely no ductwork ran or available in their home. I called my friendly heating and air conditioning contractor to ask some questions about upgrading my gas furnace/heater to either central heating and cooling or something else. They did say I could go with some sort of boiler for my home. I had choices of steam boilers, electric boilers or hot water boilers. For older homes like mine, boilers may be the better option if you don’t already have central heating going through your home. I am going to think about it a bit and see what I want to do.

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