The old heating element is not that bad

I suppose I was fortunate getting my first apartment, and my parents are amused by it if nothing else. They say it reminds them a lot of their first site. Of course its older plus its not the prettiest on the planet. However, it has a lot of features that I could never find at a site that is smaller plus newer than this for the same money!

                 For example, the pantry is a big walk-in, which allows me to fit my bike in it so I don’t have to lock it up outside. We have a back entry walkup through the kitchen, so said bike does not have to be carried all the way through the living room. Not only do we have a lot of space, real tile plus hardwood floors, but I also have an amazing HVAC method that works well for me; This old building has a gas boiler. With these radiators that are so old they’re actually kind of pretty; they have attractive scroll work so they actually look delicate rather than just sizable plus in the way.

               While the radiators plus the pipes are original to the triple decker building, the boiler is not. Each floor of the building has its own gas boiler, and since we live in the city this is actually very common; Gas is a cheap form of heat, plus running through a boiler is even more affordable. Unlike a forced air furnace, a boiler uses pipers which are less prone to heat loss. The result is I have a low utility bill, plus our cabin is constantly warm plus cozy.

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