The Old House Had Electric Baseboard Heaters

My husbandy fell in prefer with an outdated home that was for sale in 1 of his favorite neighborhoods, however when he showed me the listing online, I saw why he loved it, and it was an outdated home with a lot of charm and character, and a lot of the design was original.

It needed some work, but the previous owners had taken care of it and I was confident that we’d be able to do it.

When the people I was with and I walked through the home with a realtor, he told us that all the appliances still worked and the Heating and A/C system was well tested, the only downfall about the Heating and A/C system in this outdated home were the electric baseboard heaters. The baseboard oil heating systems lined 1 wall in every room, which made the locale believe outdated and stuffy. The baseboard oil heating systems were tinged a yellow color, a true sign of age, all of us obtained the home despite the baseboard heaters, and I ran them for a month to see how extravagant it was to run the heat; Like I expected, the price was high. I considered taking out the original baseboard oil heating systems and replacing them with a central oil furnace, but it was going to cost a lot of cash… Before spending that kind of cash, I went online and found the price for new electric baseboard heaters, however not only were they guaranteed to run more efficiently than the outdated heaters, but they were much better looking! Instead of an outdated yellow color, they were white and sleek. They even seemed thinner! I decided that this was the best option for updating the outdated electric baseboard heaters.

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