The Old Space Heaters Made Me Get Heated Floors

I have been trying to save money on my energy bills for the longest time, and to do that, I have been changing the ways I heat and cool my home.

For several months I have been using these old space heaters that had been hanging around my house for years.

Finally, last month, the space heaters just were not cutting it anymore. They began to break down, so I needed to find a new method of heating my home without using the central heating and air conditioning system. This is when I found out about radiant heated floors. If I was to get radiant heated floors, I could save just about the same amount of energy use as I was with all these old, now broken down space heaters. It was also quite possible, that using this new modern form of heating, that it would be better for my house all around. And even the air quality. The space heaters were so old, that they were ran by oil! So, you can imagine, having to fill up the space heaters was a real hassle. I had called my local heating and air conditioning company to look into how much it would cost to get radiant heated floors installed into my home. The price ended up being a little better than I expected. So, I scheduled an HVAC installation appointment with the local HVAC company, and I had my radiant heated floors installed within a few weeks of when I made that phone call. My radiant heated floors have been doing me very well. And it was all because of the old space heaters!

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