The other half of the HVAC in the winter

Being pretty serious about winter sort of goes with the territory where I live.

We are known for how brutal our winter weather can be.

The snow gets here well before Thanksgiving and all that cold weather sticks around until at least April. Our HVAC furnaces run for months on end. So, we simply don’t leave the maintenance of such vital HVAC equipment to chance. Doing that could leave you without heat for days or even longer. That is not a prospect any of us want to face. The smart ones of us call the HVAC company twice a year to have the HVAC inspected and maintained. As soon as I feel that first cold wind of winter during the autumn, I call the HVAC tech to come out to look at the furnace. He also takes care of the other half of our HVAC system. While we don’t use the air conditioning nearly as much as the heat, there are definitely plenty of weeks where cool air treatment is a life saver. However, most people around here simply forget about the air conditioning side of the HVAC when the winter hits. This is a mistake that could cost you. Remember, there is a valuable HVAC component just sitting outside during the cold months. I actually have a plastic cover which fits over the entire HVAC condenser cabinet. This cover prevents the snow and ice from laying on the fan blades or the motor. Additionally, that cover protects the HVAC unit from getting damaged by falling icicles. That might sound like a joke but it isn’t. Those icicles can get huge and do some real damage. Just don’t forget the other side of the HVAC system just because it’s cold outside.


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