The other half of the HVAC needs care during the winter

When you live with the type of winters that happen around here, HVAC heating is on your mind a lot.

If you’re not living through the winter around here, you are preparing for it.

That is, if you are any sort of reasonable human. Winters in this part of the country can be flat out dangerous if not respected and prepared for. This is proven to be true over and over when I hear these horror stories of those who don’t take it seriously. It would be a tough time if the HVAC went down and the HVAC people couldn’t get to you for a while. Those conditions occur frequently. That’s why I always prepare for winter. First, I have the HVAC furnace thoroughly inspected and serviced in the early fall. I also have a back up heating system with the wood stove that is in our home. That thing could be a literal life saver. But, with all the prep and thought that goes into being sure the HVAC heating is good for the winter, there is the other half. I am talking about the HVAC air conditioner. While we don’t have but a few months of heat, it is nice to have. Well, that thing has to sit outside during the winter. I protect it with a hard cover that fits directly over the entire HVAC cabinet. This keeps the weight of snow and ice off of important parts while also protecting it from falling icicles. I don’t want to go to turn the air conditioning on only to find out that the winter put it out of business.

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