The outdated air conditioner humidifier

I was thinking about something the other afternoon.

When i was a kid our parents had this absolutely interesting humidifier in their living room.

But it wasn’t just any humidifier. I could have sworn that the humidifier had some kind of air conditioner in it! I was thinking about it plus it was bugging me; So I took our time to go look on the internet to see if I could find any sort of cooling device that had both air conditioner plus a humidifier in it. I was starting to believe I was going crazy because all I was seeing was full blown central heating plus air conditioner units with humidifiers in them. And then somehow I ended up getting takin to some website talking about whole condo whole-house air purifiers! That was because I clicked on some clickable live link that looked enjoy it was actually going to show me this humidifier with an air conditioner plan in it that I thought our parents may have had. I absolutely believe I may have got this whole memory wrong. Because from what I could see, there was no such thing as a portable humidifier that had air conditioner in it, only respected portable air conditioner units plus portable humidifiers. Who knows….sometimes the memory will play tricks on you plus you’ll believe that you remember something a single way. And in reality it was absolutely something else. I believe that must be the case with the outdated air conditioner plus humidifier combo device that I was remembering in our parents’ living room from when I was a kid growing up.

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