The owner of the hydronic heating market is genuinely nice

As a journalist, I was used to having sit-downs with various C-suites of the corporate world.

I actually was a career journalist and adored knowing more about powerful women in humanity.

I had been researching the huge world of cooling equipment and warming equipment. I decided to settle on this lady who had single-handedly built a corporation that had gone ahead to become the most pressing corporation in the state. She had received numerous awards for her heating business. I was enjoying lunch with a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional who had a multi-billion dollar corporation. I started by asking her personal questions so she would be able to explain her starting point. She had started by selling relatively simple heating and cooling equipment such as the wireless thermostat before proceeding to supply the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment as well as a hydronic heating unit. The heating industry is a male-dominated market but my interviewee basically managed to develop a thick skin. As the enterprise grew so did her whole workforce. She employed numerous HVAC professionals who were responsible for heating system/heater maintenance as well as heating system/heater repair. She also decided to train them on how to check and update the heating equipment filter and install the central heating systems. At a certain point in time, she became completely bankrupt but was still able to get back into the business. She now stocked sizable units such as central A/C equipment as well as the electric heating system. As we were having this conversation, my gas heating equipment cranked and totally shut off. It took her roughly 15 minutes to revive it. I suppose that is why she was the expert. The interview went pretty well and my editor was also very happy to meet this fantastic woman.
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