The pandemic makes me nervous to get an HVAC inspection

Laugh if you want, but I have not had anyone over to my house in almost 4 months at this point.

Some of you… in fact most people I know… are not taking the quarantine seriously, and are acting like everything is okay.

A shocking number of them refuse to even wear a face mask, which is idiotic to me because that doesn’t even take any real effort! That gives me all the more reason to stay inside and eschew mingling with these potential disease-carriers. After all this time, I was long overdue for an inspection so I coordinated a house call from the same HVAC company I have been using for years. I told them my concerns, and the lady on the phone was very calm and reassuring, saying the HVAC company had instituted a series of new protocols to protect the clients. Every HVAC service call would be attended by one person, who would be wearing full PPE, and would provide an initial inspection that would be done in a few minutes. That is just a cursory HVAC inspection, to determine if there are any major issues that need immediate attention. The goal, she told me, was for people have a working HVAC system they could depend on while having the tech in their house for as brief a time as possible. Any repairs that could be put off until a later time would be, and only the biggest heating and cooling issues would be addressed. I was very glad to know my HVAC company was taking the virus seriously!


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