The paper was soaked through

I have a whole ton of printing paper, & the complication is, it was sitting in my basement when all of us had a large flood last year.

The printing paper did sort of dry up, & it is usable still, but it is a bit wet, however even after 3 months of drying out! So what I need is a waterproof printer. If I have a waterproof printer, I may be able to use this paper still & not have to buy a whole ton of new printer paper. But then, when I read into what a waterproof printer was, I seen that I was stupid & that it would not make the paper usable. So, I will have to throw out all this water logged printer paper & buy a whole ton more. I guess that’s just par for the course as they say. I am glad though that I found out something new about waterproof printing & that the waterproof printing process had nothing to do with soaked paper! I guess this is just the beauty of the internet, then you can find all kinds of information on printing & all kinds of things. It does not matter what you are looking for, if it is information you seek, you can get it online! This actually lead myself and others to finding out more about printers & printing services that I never knew before. It was sort of opening a whole new door in my life. I had never researched printing this deep until this whole thing about waterproof printers & waterproof printing caught my interest from my drowned printer paper.