The park is raising the rent

About 3 years ago, my wife and I started an HVAC maintenance business together.

We met on a job site where both of us were working as independent HVAC suppliers, my wife caught my eye as soon as I saw her, and I had to find out more information about the attractive and smart HVAC supplier.

I asked a couple of people about the new girl. I got her phone number and called her out of the blue. The two of us dated for a couple of years and then we got married. My wife got pregnant with our first child a month after we tied the knot. We decided to start a HVAC business so we could spend more time at home and with our family. My wife works some jobs, even though I take care of most HVAC repairs and upgrades. I have 3 additional employees that help out from time to time. Each one of them works as independent contractors, so I save money on health insurance and workman’s compensation. I found out this month that the business park where I rent space is going to raise the monthly rent next year. I have 3 more months on the lease, and then I will be forced to move or pay the new rates. The hike isn’t really steep, however the owner won’t let me lock it in for five years at the low price. That is bad news when he already wants to raise the rent. This area is certainly starting to grow and I guess it’s not going to be cheap to stay in this part of town.

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