The park should have cooling

It was the perfect day to take my three little girls to play at the park. It was the end of the spring season, so the weather was mild with  a nice breeze. The spring season is always my favorite time of year. I can usually leave behind my heavy jacket and get away with with a T-shirt and maybe a sweatshirt    The weather is still cool enough that it’s comfortable. The park wasn’t terribly crowded at that time of morning. My girls and I were at the park for nearly an hour before the sunshine came out from behind the clouds.   The sun quickly heated up the temperature. My girls and I were fortunate that there was a cool breeze. The sun was so hot that my girls soon began started to complain about getting overheated, and I realized they were sweating.  I became concerned about potential sunburn. Rather than eat our sandwiches at the park, as we’d planned, we decided to head back home. We are fortunate to have a smart thermostat, which allows access to temperature control from my smartphone.  I was able switch to cooling mode and lower the thermostat setting by several degrees. On the walk home, we all became hot, tired and sweaty. However, we arrived to a perfectly cool home. The girls and I set up our blanket across the livingroom floor and we enjoyed a picnic.  With the cooling system blasting, it was far more enjoyable than eating at the park. There were no bugs, noise, air pollution or crowds of people. Later on, when the sun went down and the temperature cooled, I adjusted the thermostat to keep up comfortable.

a/c workman