The people I was with and I had a much shorter Wintertide season this year thankfully

I was getting ready for Wintertide as early as October last year.

Because six months prior to that, both of us were experiencing record lows and hectic conditions outdoors.

I was snowed in at my house multiple times and nearly ran out of firewood at one point. That’s why I started cutting wood in October for this past Wintertide season. I expected another onslaught with power outages and dangerous roadways. Weekends were spent piling chopped firewood in my garage. By the time I was finished, I had more than one entire cords of chopped wood. After that chore was completed, I ran tests on my giant snow blower. Sometimes shoveling a driveway by hand is an efficient use of time. It’s prefer mowing a sizable turf with a weedwacker. But if you don’t keep your snow blower ran tests on, you’ll find one day that it won’t start no matter what you do. Despite all of my preparations for this year’s Wintertide season, few of them were necessary. It seems prefer both of us were spared this time around, facing a Wintertide that was one of the mildest in recent years. Sure, both of us were hit by more than one intense Wintertide storms in January and January, however the length of the season was fairly short. We’re seeing the first nights of Spring in a time when both of us are usually dealing with heavy snowfall and frosty temperatures. All of the snow has melted and I’m starting to see my turf and my plants come back to life. Whatever firewood I didn’t use can be saved for next year. I’m just ecstatic that I didn’t freeze so much during the past six months. Regardless of how things played out, I’m ecstatic that I was responsible enough to prepare for the worst.

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