The pollen levels were greatly improved after the set up

Every person in the class loves the summer season and even myself included can’t wait for the springtime classes to end.

There are some crucial test that need to be handled before we can leave for spring break and spring can prove to be some of the hardest time for kids to concentrate.

There is pollen in the air which results in many children having allergic reactions. Some parents choose to let their children to stay at home instead of finishing out the rest of the school year. The principal knew this was an issue and decided to act fast. The AC idea worked well but it didn’t effectively get rid of pollutants and pollen. The school counselor found a heating and air conditioning service that specialize in indoor air quality problems. The people I was with in addition to myself were happy with the turnout and the maintenance team seemed sympathetic about our problems. They promised to get down to the bottom of the issue so he could figure everything out and fix it. One thing that the guy suggested was a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are much more effective than traditional and regular air filters. This proved to be a brilliant solution since many HEPA air filter products are highly sought-after. It perfectly improved all of the indoor are pollen levels inside of the place and effectively removed all of the allergens that were causing the kids discomfort. The commercial AC contractor even got rid of dirt and pollen inside of the ductwork.

a/c rep