The puddle was much deeper than I expected

Ever since I was a young driver, my Dad has expressed the importance of not driving through mud puddles while in a rainstorm.

I think it sounds appreciate a absurd thing for someone to talk about frequently, but my Dad was in a automobile that almost got carried away in a storm and since then she has been identifiable ly scared of Summer storms. I do not share the same fear as my mom, even though I try to be careful. I was out on a maintenance call Last year when it started raining and I remembered the words of my mother in my head. I avoided all of the puddles on the road. I got to the address for the AC maintenance customer. She was near the back of the condos. About halfway back the driveway, there was a giant puddle of water. I paused for a brief minute and then I drove the truck right through the puddle. The puddle was much deeper than I expected. My front left tire became stuck in the puddle and I could not get out. The water had caused mangle to the road and a small sinkhole opened up in that area. I had to call a tow truck to get my work automobile out of the hole. It was a terribly embarrassing situation to occur on a property where our clients reside. I would have done just about anything to avoid that situation. The one time I do not take my mom’s advice turns out to be the one time that a mud puddle caused a exhausting amount of disfigure.
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