The rain is coming down

My lake house is oversized, really old, so it is nearly impossible to heat and cool.  Trying to manage temperature, humidity and air quality is a non stop battle. In the part of the country where I live, the weather is constantly changing and usually pretty severe.  The outside temperature ranges between the high eighties all the way down to about negative twenty. We deal with excessive humidity, high winds, heavy downpours, and of course tons of snow.  Reaching and maintaining an ideal temperature is a taxing and quite costly struggle. Sunlight coming through the oversized bay windows add heat and make the air conditioner work harder. Drafts from around all of our old doors and windows allow heat to escape during the winter which in turn makes the furnace have to work harder. The humidity, whether it is too much or not enough, has impacts us tremendously on how comfortable the lake house feels.  Overly humid air can make you feel sticky and sweaty, which prompts lower thermostat settings in the house. Drier air feels cooler, so that will lead to higher thermostat settings especially during the winter. Each room in our lake house differs in size, insulation and so on, which means they all hold temperatures differently. For the first five years I lived in the house, I spent all of my money on heating and cooling costs, yet I never was actually comfortable in my own home.  I finally hired a local HVAC contractor to inspect the heating/cooling component and I also asked him for some recommendations. Without skipping a beat, he told me I needed to upgrade my system to a zone controlled system. By installing a series of valves within the duct plan as well as a thermostat in each of the rooms, I now manage the conditions in each part of the house independently. The smart thermostats allows access from wherever I am, convenient programming, and regulation of both temperature as well as humidity.