The real test

I just bought the latest model central heating and air conditioning system that was put on the market by one of the top HVAC brands.

With the heat wave that is on the way, it is going to be a real test to see if the central air conditioning is as powerful as the advertisements and the sales rep claimed it was.

The type of heat waves we have here in my area are pretty brutal. The central air conditioning I had before was never able to completely handle them that good. I would have to sit in the house with all of the shades down. And even that wasn’t enough to go against the bad heat waves. It would not be until night time that my central air conditioning system would actually work to its fullest and cool my home down. But with this brand new central heating and air conditioning system that just came on the market, it is supposed to be powerful enough to handle even the worst possible heat waves in the desert! I do not live in the desert, so this should more than enough cover the heat wave I would think. But only time is going to tell. When the heat wave arrives next week, I will set my thermostat at 70 degrees and see what it ends up actually being inside the house. If it actually hits 70, then I know that this central heating and air conditioning unit is indeed an improvement and is for sure the latest and greatest in HVAC technology.

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