The reason why you do HVAC maintenance

Lately, I have been getting all the kids into pressing chores… I’m not talking about just vacuuming the home or sweeping the floors, I’m talking about pressing Heating plus A/C maintenance, then we have a fairly new ductless multi split system which everybody prefers in the house, of course there’s no reason not to prefer such a system because every zone has customized temperature control settings. I entirely didn’t have customized temperature control in my room, let alone access to a control unit, then but of course, our children have all those things, so it’s only right that they help with the maintenance; So I have the kids carefully cleaning out their air filters every week. I have to put emphasis on being careful because I don’t want to have to update the washable filters. I told my kids if they ended up splitting the washable filters, they had to cover the cost for the updatements, plus I’m not playing any games, they also have to help myself and others clean the condenser machine between seasons. So every Springtime season, the two of us are out there with a basket of soapy water plus the two of us are scrubbing the condenser machine down. I also carefully spray all the fin coils so there is no dirt plus debris anywhere inside the unit, however actually, everybody has been doing a wonderful task, plus I hope everybody is able to keep up the wonderful work with these pressing chores. I suppose some people call Heating plus A/C pros for the maintenance, however with how the two of us are doing, it seems appreciate the two of us don’t need too much help in that department.


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