The shower didn't have hot water

I spent a couple of nights at a hotel last year and the experience could have gone better. I was in town for a comic book convention. I was planning to spend some time with a friend, but the guy had to work and I ended up at a hotel. I couldn’t stay at his place while he was working. Most of the nice hotel rooms were already booked up because of the convention. I had to settle for a no name motel out by the interstate. The room was small and most of their furnishings were older. The bedspread looked like it was 25 years old. It had yellowing on the white parts of the blanket. The TV was a 19 inch screen and it wasn’t even a flat TV. I wasn’t very happy settling for the older Furnishings, but I was especially unhappy when I realized that the shower didn’t have hot water. I turned the shower on to a normal temperature spot and the temperature of the water was lukewarm. I kept adjusting the faucet, adding a little more hot water to the mix each time. I finally had the faucet all the way on hot and the shower water was still tepid. I contacted someone at the front desk and I told them about the plumbing problem. I wasn’t going to stay in that hotel room if the shower didn’t have hot water. The front desk clerk sent a maintenance guy to look at the hot water problem. He spent about five minutes looking at the issue. The guy did not look like a professional plumber. He decided the hot water problem could not be fixed and I had to move to a different room for the duration of my stay.


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