The southern heat is brutal

I have managed to arrange my responsibilities so that I can work entirely from home. It’s absolutely wonderful. I no longer set an alarm, dress in business casual or drive to the office. I set my own hours, usually work in sweatpants and have my office set up to my preferences. I listen to my favorite music while I work, and sip chamomile tea. I also work very long hours and need to be as productive as possible. Maintaining my home office at a comfortable temperature is a priority. However, when I first started working from home, I was spending a fortune on my energy bills. I used to leave the house in the morning and set the thermostat to minimize energy usage throughout the day. Now that I was spending the entire day at home, I was putting a great deal of strain on the furnace and air conditioner. I was also occupying only one room yet paying to keep the whole house at the perfect temperature. I called on a local HVAC contractor for a recommendation. He suggested that I upgrade to a smart thermostat and zone control. This home improvement only cost a few hundred dollars and paid for itself within six months. The smart thermostat allows me to make precise adjustments to heating and cooling without ever leaving my desk. I have access from both my laptop and smartphone. The zone control lets me set customized temperature in each room of the house. I can maximize energy savings in the rest of the house, while keeping my home office at ideal comfort levels. Not only have I significantly reduces heating and cooling expenses, but I’ve lessensed wear and tear on the furnace and air conditioner.  

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