The southern lifestyle

There’s absolutely nothing worse than having your air conditioning system break down in the middle of a hot and humid summer, especially where we live. Down here in the South, the summers can be unforgiving, and people entirely rely on their air conditioning systems to have any measure of comfort throughout the day and night. You simply cannot afford to go without air conditioning around here, and me and my family have invested in a top of the line unit. Perhaps, there are other places in the United States where people have the luxury of going without air conditioning or using it sparingly, but for our part, It’s a major part of our lives for for sure. There is saving money and there is being cheap and asking for trouble, and I don’t mess around with making sure that our HVAC system has the best quality maintenance and cleaning done on it regularly. Besides, my wife wouldn’t allow anything less if I even attempted it anyway. Not that I feel any different about how much I appreciate air conditioning as she does, because I certainly do. As much as we love our air conditioning systems around here, I will admit that it is kind of strange that so many of us southerners are deathly afraid of a winter that is even approaching something that could be called cold. You would think that we would welcome relief from the heat, but I guess to each his own. The air conditioning system business is booming down here, and it almost makes me wish that I went into the HVAC business!