The space heater blows a fuse when it’s on high

I knew a space heater would help with the indoor air problems in my apartment.

I was running the heat all the time, but my bedroom was still quite chilly.

I thought the problem was likely due to the floor-to-ceiling windows. There were three large windows on the right side of the bed as well as three large windows at the top of the bed. During the winter months, all of the windows were quite cold and so was the bedroom. I knew a space heater would be able to help. I took my time selecting the perfect space heater for my apartment. I wanted something energy efficient and quiet. I wanted something with a temperature gauge or digital display. I also wanted a space heater that included multiple speeds on the fan. I found the right space heater at a hardware store in town. I picked up the machine a couple of days later. I took the space heater home and plugged it into the wall next to my bed. Every time I put the space heater on high, it blows a fuse. I purchased the space heater so I could use it all day and all night. Since the space heater blows a fuse every time I have it on high, I can’t use it properly. I took the space heater back to the hardware store and I explained the problem to the manager. She happily refunded my money and recommended some radiant wall heaters that were a little more expensive. They used less amps and power, even though they were larger.


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