The summer weather is hot

I skateboard everywhere around town throughout the year when I can, and the summer is the best season to skateboard, bar none. Occasionally it gets a little too hot but going town a few hills takes care of that with an a great breeze.  When the days start getting cooler, I can generally bundle up to make the cold weather bearable and throw on a hoodie plus some jeans and be all set to skateboard again. But when Wintertime rolls around, I’m out of luck. Skateboarding is one of our number one things I like to do and when I have to take other forms of transportation it’s hard on me.  My buddy introduced me to snowboarding last year and I had so much fun! Naturally, I adapted to it instantly as an experienced skateboarder. I realized that I didn’t pack enough warm clothes from being from a more temperate climate. We only were out in the weather half of the day, and my friend said we’d be out of the cold soon and into a comfortable, well heated house.  He didn’t know of any house in that area is not equipped with immaculate central heating and comfortable living spaces. I never honestly appreciated these heating devices quite as much since the weather at home doesn’t get this cold. When both of us got back to his place he lit a fire and put on the central heating. I’m glad we went on the trip because now I like winter as well as summer!

sam’s heating and air