The system gets filled up fast

My HVAC system has become clogged once again.

I say again because it is the tenth time that it has happened.

I unluckily have a lot of dead trees in our yard because for the most part, you know nothing much grows in our yard. I suppose I just have poor quality soil. This is problematic because the area that I live in is generally known for having frequent storms. It isn’t necessarily severe storms either, just fairly small rainstorms is enough to cause a shower of dead branches and limbs to come pounding down into our yard. The problem becomes even worse when all of these branches land into our HVAC system and cause it to become clogged. Then I am left separate from heating and cooling. I live in a southern state where the old furnace and the air conditioner are combined into 1 unit, so if it becomes clogged it is a serious problem. I will do our best to detach all of the branches from the heating and air conditioner, but at times it is not always possible for myself and others to detach them all by myself. The local HVAC corporation has to come out and help myself and others detach the clog so that I can finally appreciate cool air from our air vents again. The HVAC worker is always friendly and fixes the clog with ease. Now I have gone online and I bought a cover for our heating and cooling system to help prevent any future clogs. FIngers crossed, the HVAC system lives this time.
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