The technician was kind and helpful

A couple of years after I bought my first house, I had to deal with my first major home repair.

It turned out to be the central AC.

I knew the central AC wasn’t working very well. The temperature on the dial never seemed to reach the desired temperature that I wanted. During the previous summer I had some issues and I thought about calling a professional. When the machine finally bit the dust, I called a professional to get a second opinion. The professional agreed with my evaluation. I picked out a brand new 18 SEER heat pump and air conditioner for my home. The Machinery could not be installed until the next day. The guys told me it would take all day to install the new machine. I was supposed to go to the dentist the next day, but I postponed the appointment. The HVAC technicians were at my front door bright and early in the morning. They had to remove the old system from the house before they had room for the new machine. It took a couple of hours to remove all of the pieces and parts. They didn’t even start installing the new equipment until almost lunch time. I thought they were over exaggerating when I said it would take all day to install the new equipment, but they were absolutely telling me the truth. It’s a good thing that I canceled the dentist appointment and made it for a different day. I would not have been able to get there on time and I would have been forced to pay a $50 fee for the missed appointment.

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