The Tent Had Fans plus Misters

My dad has consistently dealt with a personal, internal struggle with the beach.

He enjoys holidaying on the beach in an oceanfront beach house that overlooks the waves.

At 1 point, he even loved kneeling on the sand with his entire family plus playing in the water. As he’s gotten older though, he spends less plus less time actually on the beach plus more time hibernating in the beach house while all the people else goes outside. When I asked him why he didn’t want to come on the beach with all the people, his response was that he didn’t like being hot, sticky, plus uncomfortable. I understood this, however I didn’t know there was anything I could do about it. However, 1 day while I was resting on the beach, a family set up their things right beside me. They had a giant, numerous poster tent which was impressive in plus of itself. What absolutely stood out though were the portable fans that they linked to each corner. Each fan ran via battery, which made them efficient for the beach. They also had a misting feature, which kept the section under their tent especially cool. The strength of the air plus the mist from the fans were so powerful that I could actually know the cool air from where I was sitting. The fans plus misters felt so good plus I knew my dad would like it. I told him about how cool plus relaxing it felt on the beach, so he decided to join me! After he saw the tent with the fans plus misters, he decided to replicate the setup so he could prefer time on the beach with his family.

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