The Thermostat In My Kid’s Nursery School

I was so happy when my young one finally started school a few months ago! Going to nursery school is the first step to the beginning of life. I have loved being able to visit my child in that nursery school, as I watched him learn and begin showing signs of becoming a regular kid. There was an odd thing though that my kid specifically loved doing, and that was playing with the programmable thermostat they had on the wall of the hallway! I don’t know what it was about a thermostat that made my kid so interested. The teacher could not figure it out either. Maybe it was the way the thermostat looked different than the thermostat we have in our home (which is a basic digital thermostat). Maybe it was the fact that my kid liked the way the thermostat lit up when he touched it. But he really liked messing around with the school’s programmable thermostat! When he would come home from school, my kid never touched our thermostat. I found the whole thing interesting, and the teacher at the nursery school didn’t mind too much about my kid messing with their programmable thermostat, since he wasn’t breaking it or harming it in any way at all. I certainly hope that eventually, my kid does not break the nursery school’s programmable thermostat. If he did, then it would be trouble for both him and me as his parent! I would have to possibly buy the school a brand new programmable thermostat. And I didn’t want that!

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