The travel fee is rather costly

I must’ve been crazy when I decided to move out into the country.

On the bright side, it’s very peaceful and I enjoy the surrounding nature. I’m not bothered by neighbors and it’s enjoyable for the most part. The thing that bothers me is the fact that I’m too far from everything, including the HVAC companies. Fortunately, the HVAC system has been taken good care of, but I want to keep it that way with regular HVAC maintenance and care. When I went searching for HVAC companies near me though, the nearest one is over an hour away! I wanted to ask the real estate agent how in the world the previous owners were able to take such great care of their HVAC system, and so I called her up. I was surprised when I was told that the previous homeowner was an HVAC professional who operated his own small business. Apparently, he is the guy who took care of most of the people in the area with regular maintenance on their HVAC equipment. Now, he is gone after he retired and sold his home to me. Well, that was just great, not exactly the news I wanted to hear. She joked that I could always become an HVAC expert myself and take the place of the previous guy for the people in the local area, but I was not looking to do anything of the sort. Instead I called the HVAC company that was such a long way and begged them to come out to service my HVAC. They said they would charge a travel fee, and I accepted, though that fee is quite expensive!
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