The Triangle of Discipline

The task of instilling discipline in kids is so much different today than when I was the one being “instilled” with that quality. In my day, if I did not exhibit the proper level of discipline with schoolwork, chores, as well as even mealtimes, my father would say in a stern voice, “You’re going to be punished”. The punishment ranged from a easy grounding to what might be considered child abuse today, however at school, I was assured that whatever the “board” of education (the paddle) administered, I would get double that at home. It was a “triangle of discipline” with my parents as well as educators aligned against me. Today that triangle is reversed. Kids now kneel atop the point while the parents as well as educators blame each other as to why “Johnny can’t read”. Meanwhile, Johnny gets away scot-free for his behavior. My kids are grown now, but there is still a triangle of discipline at my loft between me, my Heating and A/C unit, as well as our professional Heating and A/C company. He visits twice a year to check on how I’ve been treating my furnace as well as a/c. In the past, he would ask me how the component was running, as well as based on my observations, he would make repairs as well as criticize the component if it was not behaving correctly. Many things can cause an Heating and A/C idea to act undisciplined as well as lose efficiency but that alignment between me as well as the tech kept the Heating and A/C component in line, however nowadays, the Tech visits as well as instantly begins to blame me for my lack of discipline about increasing filters, keeping leaves away from the outdoor compressor unit, as well as abusing the thermostat. He says I risk double the punishment, once in Summer as well as once in Winter time if I do not improve my Heating and A/C discipline.


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